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‘Poor literacy linked to worse mental health worldwide’

The News International 29 Jan 2023
People with poor literacy face more mental health problems such as loneliness, depression, and anxiety, according to a review of studies which used data from nine countries. The research, published in the journal Mental Health and Social Inclusion, is the first to look at the global picture of literacy and mental health.

Babies fed exclusively on breast milk ‘significantly less likely to get sick’, Irish study finds

Irish Independent 29 Jan 2023
The first study of its kind to examine the link between exclusive breastfeeding and infant illness in Ireland found these babies “were significantly less likely to be admitted to hospital" and "spent less nights in hospital”.The study found ...

Daily News reporter among honorees at Greenville Chamber awards banquet

Greenville Daily News 29 Jan 2023
Amy Homich presented the award to Smith, a 2004 graduate of Greenville High School, who went on to study journalism, photography and videography at Michigan State University. After a stint as a part-time videographer for the Lansing State Journal, Smith returned to work for his hometown newspaper in 2011.

Can board games teach us about the climate crisis? Game creators say yes

The Observer 29 Jan 2023
The game was reviewed by the science journal Nature, in addition to more traditional gaming publications, and sold over 750,000 sets in its first year ... A separate 2020 study published in the journal Simulation & Gaming reached similar conclusions.

Study reveals how vortex ultrasound breaks down blood clots in brain

Beijing News 29 Jan 2023
North Carolina , January 28 (ANI). In order to dissolve blood clots in the brain, researchers have developed a new tool and method called "vortex ultrasound," which is a form of an ultrasonic tornado ... The findings of the study were published in the journal Research ... "Existing techniques rely in large part on interventions that dissolve the blood clot.

Why you need to take this workplace stress test

Indian Express 29 Jan 2023
And, those in the red category should immediately be screened for non-communicable diseases in addition,\u201d says Dr Gautham M S, the corresponding author of the validation study for the tool, which was recently published in the PLOS One journal, and additional professor in the department of epidemiology at NIMHANS ... .

‘Violence can’t stop dance’: how dance halls became a refuge to the Asian community

The Observer 29 Jan 2023
In a 2007 research paper for the Journal of Asian American Studies, George Uba wrote that Asian Pacific dancers in southern California have “renormalized” ballroom dancing, once a favorite pastime of the elite, as a “transnational social activity”.

Transhumanism and technological life extension: Is it wrong? | Opinion

Deseret News 29 Jan 2023
Time recently ran an article detailing the outcome of a 13-year study in the field of what is called ... Sinclair is among the authors of the study , published earlier this month in the journal Cell, which examined a treatment that both reversed and accelerated aging in mice.

Hey buds below: Many gardeners say they feel better when chatting up their plants (the plants aren’t talking)

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 28 Jan 2023
On the plant side of the equation, a study in a 2003 issue of the journal Ultrasonics investigated the effects of classical music and the sounds of birds, insects and water on the growth of Chinese cabbage and cucumber ... In a 2015 study published in the International Journal of ...

Intermittent fasting may not work in this scenario

The Times of India 28 Jan 2023
The study ... As per a study by research, the number and quantity of meals were more important predictors of weight gain or reduction than the interval between meals. The findings of the study were published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open-access, peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association.

Nebraska fights court action by seed companies to block AltEn from transferring funds

Norfolk Daily News 28 Jan 2023
Scientists from across country lending expertise to AltEn study. 'I am terrified' — AltEn study finds pesticides in Mead woman's home. AltEn research team shares preliminary findings, promises further study. Top Journal Star photos for January 2023 ... KENNETH FERRIERA Journal Star ... KENNETH FERRIERA, Journal Star ... JUSTIN WAN, Journal Star.

Women who snore struggle to orgasm, new study suggests

AOL 28 Jan 2023
Woman who snore are more likely to suffer from sexual dysfunctions, according to a new study. Sexual disorders are more common among women who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (which can cause loud snoring), insomnia, or circadian rhythm sleep disorder according to a study published in the journal, Urology.

AI-based early detection of visual impairment on smartphone: study

Xinhua 28 Jan 2023
The study published in the journal Nature Medicine on Thursday described a smartphone-based health system, the Apollo Infant Sight (AIS) ... The study shows that untrained parents or caregivers who use the system on their smartphones are able to achieve high-quality detection ... study.

Chinese scientists use AI to detect smartphone-induced visual impairment in children

Urdu Point 28 Jan 2023
The study published in the journal Nature Medicine described a smartphone-based health system, the Apollo Infant Sight (AIS) ... The study shows that untrained parents or caregivers who use the system on their smartphones are able to achieve high-quality detection.

Hearing aids linked to lower instances of dementia in older adults, study finds

Yahoo Daily News 28 Jan 2023
A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins found that among 853 participants with moderate to severe hearing loss, "hearing aid use was associated with a 32% lower prevalence of dementia." ... But researchers for this latest study, the findings of which were published in a research letter in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA on Jan.